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NGCA is a committee of volunteers serving and representing the CoDA groups/meetings in the northern half of Georgia.

Each individual Group/Meeting is invited and encouraged to have at least one representative, particularly its Group Representative, at all NGCA meetings. All decisions are made based on the Group Conscience of the committee, which is why representation is so important.
Information on each upcoming NGCA meeting will be distributed prior to the meeting date and then after each meeting summary minutes will be published by the Secretary. Such communication will be done primarily by e-mail to Group Representatives.
NGCA meetings are open to any CoDA member.

NGCA’s purpose, through the practice of the 12 Traditions & 12 Steps, is to:

  • Serve North Georgia CoDA Groups by maintaining a current, updated meeting list having each Group Representative identified on the list. The NGCA Website will be the primary means of communication. Our Website will be coordinated with the information on the National CoDA Website to assure it is consistent.
  • Develop an effective communications network within the North Georgia Groups and CoDA National.
  • Encourage all Groups to do a regular Group inventory using the outline as provided by CoDA National in its 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Workbook, on page 169.  Each Group Representative is requested to take a copy of The Traditions Checklist for Group Inventory, to his/her Group Conscience meeting for discussion, on perhaps a semi-annual basis or as needed in an emergency situation.
  • Encourage all Groups to utilize CoDA approved literature, including the several pamphlets published by CoDA. For example, some Groups have found that using a pamphlet for discussion during the Fifth week, when a month provides that opportunity, to be an excellent way to explore and discuss CoDA Service, Sponsorship, Relationships, etc.
  • Encourage fellowship, from time to time, through area activities, workshops, gatherings, and possibly a retreat. Critical mass and number of committed volunteers will determine the extent of such activities. The goal is to have the benefit of CoDA grow every year through new Members & new Meetings to such an extent that its size will engender enough rotating volunteers for regular fellowship activities.
  • Allow and empower representatives from North Georgia CoDA Groups to make informed decisions affecting CoDA Groups, encourage new Meetings to form, and help solve problems within individual groups.
  • Represent NGCA at the National level, by providing a delegate to attend the CODA Inc Annual Service Conference.



  • Attend NGCA meetings: ask your Group Representative for the date, location and time of the next NGCA meeting.
  • Become a Member of NGCA by volunteering to serve as a trusted servant in the way that is most comfortable for you in your CoDA present journey. Over time, you might want to consider one of the Officer positions. The service pamphlets, Being of Service in CoDA and Carrying the Message (Living the Twelve Steps) is recommended to assist in choosing the right service work by each individual.
  • Assist in building a reputation in the Recovery Community that CoDA is solid and organizationally well managed through its rotating group leadership at the Group, State, and National levels.  Encourage and welcome referrals from therapists, recovery facilities, and other referral centers of influence. Encourage a warm welcome to first timers, possibly with your Group providing them with a Welcome Packet, meetings lists, and a CoDA pamphlet written for newcomers, such as Threads of CoDepencedency, Sponsorship, Am I Co-Dependent?, etc.
  • Identify your unique ability to assist with NGCA to put your talents to work in the spirit of CoDA recovery & service to assist in seeing a rapidly growing CoDA meet its primary purpose of spreading the CoDA experience, strength, and hope!




  • Chair NGCA meetings (at least quarterly meetings), coordinate agendas, and assure that announcements of each upcoming meeting are made, as well as assuring that a summary of each meeting is also distributed.
  • Invite member participation. If committees are formed, act as ex-officio member of each committee.
  • Assure that policies & purpose of NGCA is published, as well as accountabilities are documented for each NGCA position.
  • Submit an Annual Report of each calendar year end of NGCA activity during that year.


  • Work & assist the chairperson in order to be prepared to step into chairperson position, including chairing NGCA meetings in the absence of the chairperson, preparing the Agenda, if necessary.
  • Assist chairperson with responsibilities.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of committees.


  • Take & publish minutes of NGCA meetings and promptly distribute such minutes to officers and group representatives of affiliated CoDA groups.
  • Maintain attendance logs at NGCA meetings and reflect attendance in minutes of each meeting.
  • If Secretary receives any expenses payable by NGCA, promptly submit them to Treasurer for payment.
  • Act as ex-officio member of committees.


  • Take in and account for all moneys on behalf of NGCA (including any retreat registration fees). Pay all approved bills on behalf of NGCA. Record all receipts and disbursements. Make deposits on a timely basis. Balance the NGCA checkbook.
  • Prepare year-to-date Treasurer’s report (Income & Expenses with Balance Sheet) for presentation and distribution at NGCA meetings.
  • Collect mail from P.O. Box regularly and distribute any CoDA related material to the appropriate NGCA Officer (s).
  • Act as ex-officio member of committees.


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