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Member's Thoughts

This page is produced and presented by the local area members of CoDA. Here, we share some of our stories, thoughts, poetry, or wisdom that has helped us through difficult periods in our various lives. 

We know the value of sharing ourselves with others and we hope to welcome you with what we share with you.

 "Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: some things are within our control and some things are not. It is only after you have faced up to this fundamental rule and learned to distinguish between what you can and cannot control that inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible...    ...Remember too, that if you think you have free rein over things that are naturally beyond your control, or if you attempt to adopt the affairs of others as your own, your pursuits will be thwarted and you will become a frustrated, anxious and fault-finding person."- Epicetus, Stoic Philosopher (In approx. 95 AD.)

 Awareness without change is a game.


FOR SALE. FREEDOM, new condition. For price and other information, contact your Higher Power.  
by Rachel H. 
"I know a new freedom." I hear this read twice a week. I used to read those words or hear those words, and they were… just words. Now I am experiencing those words more and more as time goes on. I may not feel free all the time but, by gum, I’m making progress! here to read the rest of the article.

Attraction Versus Promotion

I didn't understand this when I first came into CoDA.  I was so happy with my progress; so sure I had found THE WAY.  I was a traveling evangelist - giving away books and  ragging people to meetings because I knew what THEY needed.  How crazy was that?  Although my intentions were good, I have come to realize that what people need and when they need it isn't up to me.    We all recover at our own pace.

Now I respect people enough to allow them to be attracted to CoDA if they are and to accept it if they aren't.   I have found THE WAY; but it is only THE WAY for me; other people have to find their own way.

Camilla P.

Memory of Connie P.
Going to my first meeting was scary, and I was a mess. I didn't want to go in. But I did. I thought, "I don't belong here !". I felt so out of place and isolated. Connie let me know I was in the right place, and I was welcome! That was a huge relief.

Connie was there for me at the beginning, and she was always there when I needed some " esh" (experience, strength and hope). Her laughter melted so many worries I would have, and how she worked her program was truly inspiring. Keeping her focus on experience, strength and hope, she showed me a way that I, as yet, hope to get to. She was a great, gifted spirit who helped so many in this community, helped start so many meetings, and was an integral part of this organization; and she was as honest with herself and others as they come. Connie was a "celebration of life", and I know I am a better human being for having met this soul on our mutual journey.

Blessings Connie, you are always with me...
May I always be on your list!

~Tracy A.



How can you carry the message? Work step 12?

Email with your story, thoughts, ideas, experience, strength, and hope.

It only works if you work it. 



07/24/10 pd
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